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The operator of kindly informs the visitors of the website about the practise regarding handling of personal data, organisational and technical measures for data privacy, the rights of the visitor, and also the possibilities of the enforcement of these rights.

1. Data manager

Managing data is the responsibility of La Contessa Castle Hotel**** (registered seat: 6. Park street, Szilvásvárad 3348, registration number: NAIH-68847/2013)

2. Range of data

The time when someone starts and finishes visiting the website is recorded automatically, and besides in some cases – depending on the setting of the visitor’s computer – even the type of the browser and the operating system. From these data the system generates statistic ones automatically. The operator will not make a connection between these data and personal data. In case of signing in, the website will send session ID, which is deleted automatically at the time of leaving the page.

Handling data which are given to use the website happens based on voluntary contribution of the user.

3. The aim of privacy policy

Privacy policy is for constant communication and research between the visitor of the website and the Hotel as informant.

Recording and storage the time of the visit, the type of the browser and the operating system is only for statistic reason.

The data manager will not use these personal data for different purposes. The handling of data, given this way, happens with the voluntary consent of the user. handles all data and facts confidentially regarding the users. It uses them only for developing its services, selling ad space. making own researches and statistics. Publishing the statements of these can only happen in a way, which makes it impossible to identify the users.

4. Duration of privacy policy

Session ID is deleted automatically at the time of leaving the page. do not take on any responsibility for those previous pages that are already deleted, but are still archived by internet search engines, Removing these pages shall be done by the operator of the search engine.

5. The range of those who are authorized to access to data, data processors

The colleagues of the data managers are the ones who have access to personal data, given by users.

The data manager will not hand out any personal data to a third person. This does not apply to any possible, statutory, compulsory data transfer, which can only happen in particular cases. Before fulfilling each request from the authorities, the data manager shall examine if there is any legal basis of transferring data.

6. Rights of the users regarding the handling of their personal data

Users decide about giving data at point 2. The legal basis of data managing is the voluntary consent of the users.

Users can ask for information about handling their personal data. Based on this request the data manager gives information on the handled data, its purpose, legal basis, duration, the name and address ( 6. Park u., Szilvásvárad, 3348) of the data processor, the relating activity, and provides information regarding the list of those who get/got their data and the reason for that. Information can be asked via mail (address: 6. Park u., Szilvásvárad, 3348) or please write to the following email

The same way, the user can ask for correction or cancellation of his/her data.

In case of inadequate usage of the services of the website, or because of the particular request of the user, data will be cancelled. The cancellation will be done within 24 hours from the receipt of the deletion request.

7. Data security measures

The company stores the data on a server, called (Hotel Szilvas Kft., 3348 Szilvasvarad, Park str. 6.), which are protected in 24 hours and can be found on the Hungarian internet main-network

8. Enforcement options

The user, who supposes that the owner of has violated his/her rights regarding data privacy, can validate his/her claim at the civil court, or ask for the assistance of the Data Protection Officer. Act 2011. CXII. about data privacy and the publicity of public interest contains detailed legal regulations regarding this and the duties of the Data Manager.

Principles of data privacy based on the following Acts:

Act 2011. CXII., about data privacy and publicity of public interest is about the protection of the individuals during automatic processing.

9. Information on the dangers which threaten public sector

While using the internet there are different dangers, threatening the private sector.

We would like to draw your attention that your opinion, written on the website, is a personal data from which anyone can draw conclusion about your particular data, origin, and political opinion. These data becomes recognizable to anyone.

We suggest you to use PET (Privacy-enhancing technology) technology in favour of data privacy. Information can be found on several websites regarding this technology.

10. Important websites

Technologies for enhancing the private sector

Data privacy information

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